Animal Spay/Neuter International (ASNI) sets up spay neuter programs and services for dogs and cats in impoverished areas throughout the world and provides funding to enable under-served communities to care for and sterilize their pets.

What We Do

25,000+ Spays/NeutersASNI has now funded more than 33,000 spay/neuter procedures around the world! Thanks to you, our donors, for funding our spay/neuter campaigns.

Amigos de Lucky is seeking sponsors for the Dominican Republic Spayathon for up to 500 spays/neuters. Charities as well as individuals are welcome. Those sponsoring 100 animals or more ($2500) will have their name or logo printed on our banner. Thank you!

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Animal Spay/Neuter International

Promotional videos for Animal Spay/Neuter International.

ASNI Informational Video

Dr. Aurelian Stefan explains how five years of conducting keyhole spay/neuter operations has resulted in better spay/neuter projects.It is a fast and effective way of reducing the number of stray dogs.

Buhusi Spayathon

Once we announced our spayathon in Buhusi, local college students held a flashmob to let the community know help was on the way! 156 animals were spayed/neutered in June, 2013. ASNI plans to return in September.

Craiova Spayathon: Romania, October 2014